Why Should I Play the Lottery Online?

When the National Lottery was launched in the UK to much fanfare in 1994, with little Noel Edmonds introducing those ‘big money balls’, punters had little choice but to head to their local newsagents or supermarkets to purchase their tickets.

But as the old saying goes time waits for no man, and as the Internet became more readily available to households in the subsequent decade so too did the demand for products and services online.

The ability to play the lottery online duly followed, and now punters have a choice to make between betting on a whole host of lotteries vie the World Wide Web or heading down to their local outlet.

But which is better?

The Case For Playing the Lottery Online

If you are based in the UK, you’ll notice that your local shop can only accommodate one of three lottery draws: the Lotto, the Thunderball and the EuroMillions.

The beauty of online lottery is freedom. Players have the freedom to bet on lottery draws around the world – Unibet alone offer betting for more than 20 mega-money draws from the four corners of the globe, including the Irish lottery, MegaMillions and El Nino, to name just a few.

So, by playing the lottery ‘on the street’ you are severely hampering your chances of winning a life-changing sum of cash.

And does your local shop owner give you free stuff for playing the lotto? That Seems unlikely, but betting sites like Unibet offer fantastic deals like ‘deposit £20, play with £30’ to help fund your lottery love.

The days of unsafe Internet purchases are over. The websites of online gambling firms like Unibet are protected by the deepest SSL encryption technology imaginable, which means that all of your personal and financial details remain completely safe and free from fraud.

The online lottery enables you to make the most of a host of cool features too. At Unibet, for example, you can take advantage of QuickPick, which selects random numbers on your behalf, and System Bets, which enables you to bet on lottos by choosing all of the combinations of your favourite numbers.

Playing the lottery online is so easy, with most of us having access to a laptop, desktop PC, tablet or smartphone these days. Simply fire up the Unibet site or app, pick the lottery you want to play, select your numbers, place your bets and away you go. This is perfect for those moments when you have forgotten to buy your ticket as it only takes 30 seconds to get involved.

The Case Against Playing the Lottery Online

To be brutally honest, there isn’t a case to be made against playing the lottery online. It is completely safe, quick and easy, and grants you access to stacks of worldwide lottery draws that your local outlets simply cannot cater for.

If you enjoy getting fresh air or need to walk the dog, then a trip to your local shop to put on your numbers is fair enough. But remember all of the benefits of betting on the lottery outline outlined above – you won’t regret it.

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